As a member of a larger community, an opportunity to share our skills and talents occasionally presents itself for consideration. Within the bounds of available time and resources, we have been pleased to support various organizations in need of design services. The projects indicated here are examples of work donated to worthy causes, and include services from preliminary planning, to detailed design and contract administration.

Beau Soliel -- Lafayette, LA

A demonstration of cutting edge architecture incorporating modern “Green” concepts, this planting plan was produced as a donation to the “Beau-Soliel” ( effort.  Providing a student design team with solid professional consultation and design advice is consistent with our firm’s long commitment to help newcomers to the field find their voice, and gain hands-on experience.  The ecologically sensitive design of this project was a direct response to the dictates of the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s “Solar Decathlon” design competition, which was conceived to spur fresh thinking by young designers in the Architectural field.  The overall success of this design was demonstrated by its incorporation of diverse design disciplines while still managing to produce a well integrated, visually striking design.  Further information concerning the Solar Decathlon can be found at

Morrison Alley -- Hammond, LA

This pocket of greenery was provided to the City of Hammond as a donated design by our office. The presence of urban trees on this site presented us with the chance to reclaim this small parcel as an island of greenery within the city. A simple layout allows passers-by the opportunity to take in the park's beauty at a glance, while keeping the park easily monitored for undesirable elements.

Habitat for Humanity, Offices and ReStore -- Hammond, LA

Our office was contacted to provide planning and guidance when the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity planned to improve its appearance in the community. We provided planning for landscaping and site signage as a gesture of community goodwill.


Hospice House -- Hammond, LA

Dufreche-Perkins and Associates volunteered their services for the design and detailing of this tranquil garden. Our design goal was to provide a serene atmosphere surrounding this multiple patient facility. Barrier-free access from the home into the lush garden area was provided to ease the transition of patients from indoor to outdoor areas. In addition to providing landscape, fencing, and drainage designs, our office coordinated various contractors, and provided guidance throughout the project.